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Eating Healthy on the Run

Need to eat on the run? This often means grabbing "junk" or fast food. It may be full of fat, salt, and added sugars. But being in a rush doesn't mean that you can't eat healthy.

Woman eating salad
Many grocery stores stock pre-made salads for eating on the run.

Fast food made healthy

Try these ways to get good nutrition, fast.

  • Plan out your snacks and meals ahead of time.

  • Go to a grocery or convenience market instead of a fast-food restaurant. Look for choices like salads, sandwiches, yogurt, and fresh fruit and vegetables.

  • Buy precut, prepackaged fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. You can use them for a snack, salad, smoothie, or stir-fry.

  • Microwave a frozen dinner that has less than 15 grams (g) of fat and less than 800 milligrams (mg) of sodium. Complete the meal with a whole-grain roll, vegetables, or fresh fruit.

  • If you must have fast food, consider your options. Go for veggie burgers, broiled and skinless chicken breast sandwiches, or dinner salads with low-fat dressing. Avoid large (super-sized) portions.

  • Blot the extra oil from food with a napkin before you eat it.

  • Instead of french fries, choose a baked potato with salsa or a side salad.


Fast-food restaurants often have online or printed nutrition information available. Ask for this information and look up your favorite items before you order.

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