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For Parents: Gun Safety Checklist

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the safest home for a child is one without guns. The most effective way to prevent accidental gun injuries, suicides and homicides in children and adolescents, is to not have guns in the home or in the community. If you choose to have guns in your house, you may be able to decrease the risk of harm to your children by following these safety rules:

Follow these rules

  • Never point a gun at anyone, even if you know the gun is unloaded.

  • Get training on the correct use, storage, and maintenance of any gun you own.

  • Keep a trigger lock on your gun. Treat all guns as if they’re working and loaded.

  • Keep guns and ammunition locked in separate locations.


☐ I have spoken to my child about what to do if they see a gun.

☐ I have had correct training on how to use, care for, and store my gun.

☐ I keep my gun stored in a locked location and store the ammunition in a separate locked location.

☐ I set a good example for my child on the safe use and handling of guns.

☐ I keep a gun log book. I write down when I talk with my child about guns. I also record when I maintain my gun or buy any new gun.

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Date Last Reviewed: 4/1/2024
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